Linda Walker Naparrula


Linda Walker was born in 1973 in Yuendumu into a large Warlpiri family and has 3 brothers and 6 sisters. Her father, Towser Jakamarra Walker, was a well known artist who also painted for Warlukurlangu, however, both her parents have passed away.
Linda finished Primary School at the local Yuendumu School. She is married to Calvin Jungarray Martin and they often paint together. They have no children. Linda sometimes works for the local Commonwealth Employment Program doing jobs around the community.

One of Linda’s favourite pastimes is to go hunting for traditional foods in the bush surrounding Yuendumu with a group of women. She also loves to paint the stories that are closely associated with her traditional country. Her main stories are Yarla (Bush Potato) and Janganpa (Possum), stories that have been passed down to her from her mother and father and grandmother’s and grandfathers for many generations.Linda has been painting for red rock gallery since 2003.